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Postcolonial night

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Motivated by Bob Marley's reggae beats, I've been reading some post-colonial literature. In particular, rereading Amos Tutoula's "The Palm-Wine Drinkard" and reading for the first time Mahaswetha Devi's "The Hunt." The language on both of these are so raw and fresh, yet lively. In Tutoula, the description of the "complete gentleman" and his disintegration into "Skull" is full of verve, yet very raw in terms of linguistics. It begs me to use my imagination to fill in the holes, whether intentional or unintentional, that Tutoula leaves in the narrative. Thus, the imagery truly comes alive in my mind, and the story becomes a part of me in a way that some Western literature simply cannot. I'm still working on Devi, so I'll try to write more about that one once I finish.
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