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The Ballad of Sad Cafer by Carson McCullers

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* also last week i read this short book called The Ballad of Sad Café by Carson McCullers. it’s really short, barely 83 pages.


* i had no clue that Carson McCullers was a woman until the prof said it in class, the only Carson i know is Carson Daly... yeah, i know *blushes*.


* the few Southern i can recall to have read are William Faulkner, Willa Cather and Flannery O’Connor so far... and i think they all have something in common. i guess is the presence of the grotesque, much more strong in The Ballad... than in the other books I’ve read.


* it’s the story of a very masculine woman, a criminal who was married to her for ten days and a hunchback who claims to be her cousin. just imagine!


* the story is quite interesting, not really amazing, but nice to read and entertaining. definitely, i would say is a story about love and loneliness and how lonely you are after having loved.


* i definitely see homosexual undertones in it. anyone who have read it what do you think?


* just curious to know what others may think about this book.

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On January 14th, 2007 08:32 pm (UTC), conductors commented:
Initially I didn't know that Carson McCullers was a woman either! and only recently did I find out Harper Lee's a woman too! This pattern of ambiguous names.

The first thing I read by Carson McCullers were her beginning short stories, and then The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter, so I decided to read her in chronological order, although I can't wait to read The Ballad of the Sad Café.

From excerpts I've read about McCullers, it seems she finds comfort in writing about homosexual undertones between men than women, but in some thoughts from characters like Mick Kelly or her short stories, we hear lines like, I'm never going to let a boy make me look or feel that way or I'm never going to get married.

McCullers is fascinating. Do you listen to Cat Power? I find these similarities between Carson McCullers and Chan Marshall and it feels like Chan Marshall is the tangible body of a Mick Kelly.
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