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god bless you please, Mrs. Dalloway

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·        last week or so i finished reading Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf. It took me an awful lot to read it, a whole month...

·        it didn’t catch me as it was supposed to. i mean it’s the great book Mrs. Dalloway and i had this expectation that it would have me glued to its pages. but it didn’t and i feel somehow stupid cos i don’t know if there’s something of it i’m not intelligent enough to grasp.

·        did i like it? honestly, i don’t know i have to think about it. sometimes i like or dislike books after a time.

·        Mrs. Dalloway is a beautiful book. is beautifully griten, Virginia Woolf is capable of the most precious sentences. i really enjoy the stream of conciousness technique, it’s like not reading but thinking.

·        i enjoyed how he jumps from one character’s mind to another character’s mind. it’s so subtle you almost don’t notice it but you don’t get lost at all it is really easy to follow. i found it easier to read than Orlando.

·        i liked the parts where we know more about Clarissa Dalloway’s life. i really didn’t enjoy the Septimus&Rezia’s parts. my boy really enjoys them, though. unappreciative me =(

·        Virginia Woolf said she wasn’t a feminist, however, i’m able to find lots of feminist/gender discussion on Mrs. Dalloway’s pages. it was like reading what The Feminine Mystique by Betty Friedan would be like if it wasn’t a theory book but a fictional story.

·        i really didn’t dislike any character. i don’t enjoy Richard and Clarissa that much. Mrs. Kilman is really interesting as is Elizabeth and i wish there had been more about them in the book. My favorite characters were Peter Walsh, who, for me, is clearly and opposite for Richard Dalloway but especially Sally Seton. yes, i know, Sally Seton, The Rebel, but i love the way she is and what represents. i also would have liked a little bit more of story on the part of Clarissa’s sexual orientation.

  • i can’t think of anything else i wanna say. i just would like to know if you did like the book? why or why not? and what characters are your favorites.

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